Voice and Data Network Cabling Installers


Wiltshire based installers of computer data network cablingBridge Solutions are installers of voice & data structured cabling solutions. We have a team of highly trained networking engineers who install a range of computer network systems including CAT5, CAT5e, CAT6, VOIP, telephone, fibre optic and Audio Visual (AV).

Based in Wiltshire, we are able to offer our voice & data communication solutions to business and educational establishments (schools and colleges) in the South West of England. Areas we cover include:-

  • All of Wiltshire including Trowbridge, Devizes, Chippenham, Corsham, Melksham, Warminster, Westbury, Warminster, Swindon and Salisbury.
  • Bath, Bristol and surrounding areas.
  • All of Somerset including Frome, Bridgwater, Taunton, Wells, Yeovil and Radstock.



CAT5 and CAT5e Data Cable Installers

CAT5 data cabling installers in Bristol, Bath and South WestCategory 5 and 5e is a twisted pair cabling system designed for high speed data transfer and is the most common system used in structured network cabling systems today. The structured cabling system can carry data traffic, Voice Over IP (VOIP) or audio and video signals.


CAT6 Network Data Cable Installation

Category 5e/6 Data Network cabling installers in Wiltshire and SomersetCategory 6 cabling is similar to the older CAT5/CAT5e system, but has been designed to run at higher speed allowing for greater amounts of data transfer. CAT6 cabling is commonly used where 1GB/s to 10GB/s data transfer speeds are required. CAT6 cable achieves this speed increase by shielding the inner twisted cores and also has an outer shielding to eliminate external interference. 


Fibre Optic Computer Cable Installation

Wiltshire based installers of high speed fibre optic computer networksFibre optic cabling works by sending light down a small glass fibre. As light travels very fast, significant data transfer speeds can be obtained using this method. Another advantageous fibre has over copper cable is the distance the signal can travel over a single link. Copper has a maximum distance of 100m before the signal needs to be amplified, however fibre can go up to distances of many kilometres and therefore this method is frequently used to connect large sites.


Telephone & VOIP Cabling Installations

Telephone VOIP cabling installations in Wiltshire, Bath, Bristol and SomersetOver the past 12 years, Bridge Solutions have installed many traditional analogue and digital telephone systems and in recent years Voice Over IP (VOIP) networks using the latest high speed structured network cabling technology. This system provides customers with a secure voice communication system that gives the freedom to move staff around without the worry of re-cabling the building.


Audio Visual (AV) Cabling Installs

Wiltshire based AV interactive whiteboards and projector installation for Schools and EducationAs an accredited AV installer, Bridge Solutions offer a complete design, supply and cabling installation service to many businesses & schools in Wiltshire, Somerset, Bath, Bristol and surround areas with the South West of England. Our solutions include projectors, interactive whiteboards, computer video and audio.

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